Smart Alert

Smart alerts to increase biz profitability

Alerts that help you steer your business & carry out course correction well in time to ensure your targets are met

Client & Vendor Alerts

Build your annual revenue targets by assigning client-wise targets

Get customised time period wise alerts for each client for timely course correction

Ensure timely payments to vendors by setting customised alerts

Never pay delayed payments penalty with the vendor-wise expense alerts

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Item Revenue & Expense Alerts

Set revenue alerts for each product/service for a specific time priod to get reminders

Ensure expenses don't go out of hand by setting expense-wise specific time-bound reminders

Credit History Alerts

Get reminders for clients who haven't paid within the stipulated credit period

Receive customised alerts on the web, email or SMS for each client and invoice

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Birthday & Anniversary Alerts

Set customised reminders for your clients and vendor's birthday & anniversary

Be prepared and celebrate your employees birthday & anniversary

Activity & Tasks Alerts

Set a reminders for an event that you want to attend

Schedule out team discussion basis the business insights on Xebra

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