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Understand and be in control of your business financial health without requiring any finance or an accounting degree

Profitable Clients & Items

Know your profitable clients & items

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Pre-set graphs for tracking Month-to-Date, Year-to-Date and Month wise revenus

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Pie graphs to understand your client wise and item wise revenue break-up

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Track your current performance with last year revenue and target set for the year

Keep track of who has paid.
And who hasn't

In-depth outstanding payments graphs done client-wise and invoice-wise

Know real-time and exact outstanding days for each client and each invoice

Set payment reminders for faster payouts

Credit History
Unlock Growth

Unlock Growth with Opportunity Matrix

A quadrant that breaks up your client into sets to identify growth areas

An actionable guide to driving profits from each set of your clients

Re-deploying your resources towords more profitable clients & items

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Plan Your spending

Real-time accurate visibility of your company cash flow

Automatically calculates cash runway, so you plan your spending accordingly

Know when your receipts and payments are comming up for the next two months

Cash Flow

Forecast revenue and eliminate wasteful spend

Get client, item, vendor and expense wise projections for the current year

Plan better with your team as you get visibilty on your revenues and expense

Machine learning that makes for accurate projections

Slide & Dice Employee Analytics

Know department-wise allocation of business resources

Get an expense head wise break up of employee spends

Month-wise employee salary and expenses graphs to draw trends

Employee Analytics

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Vendor Payments

More control on vendor payments

Detailed break-up of expenses with MTD and YTD comparison

Month wise break up of your crucial expense for you to have better control over them

Understand your costs on Month-to-Date and Year-to-Date basis

Team Discussions and Reminders

Analyze each graph with your teammates by tagging them in your commnets

Set monthly or quarterly alerts for revenues to ensure that you are on track to achieving your annual goals

Fix targets for your expenses so that you get mid-year alerts when you cross them

Team Discussions
Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Track your company's financial health on the go

Better prepared with data before attending the meeting with the client

Know the risk score of your company to make affective business decisions

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