Monitor, capture & track purchases of your company’s products with ease

Capture your business purchase with ease

Record single or recurring company purchases from indian or international vendors with ease

Faster Integrated Payouts

Link your bank account with Xebra for faster payouts

Secured, one-click payment to suppliers

All bank and accounting reports are auto-updated and tallied

Maintain supplier relationships

Records all your supplier's details centrally along with relevant contracts

Record purchases from multiple GST numbers

Set birthday and anniversary reminders to build supplier relationships

Record purchases as they happen

Seamless automatic recording of purchases and payables against each invoices

Reconciliation time brought down from days to minutes

One-click calculation of TDS deductions done for suppliers

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Supports International vendors

Complete customization of currency for international suppliers

Auto calculation of forex gain / loss on international supplier's payables

Auto-recording of international invoices and payments in accounting reports

Automated recording of recurring purchases

Record multiple currencies for international suppliers

Prepare Purchase Order against supplier's estimates

Set recurring purchase entries

No more late payment fees

Set alerts so you never miss your supplier payment date

Set customized time-period alerts to track & control spend on each purchase

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Stop email exchange & follow-ups

Give out customized portal access to your vendors and supplier

Suppliers can log in to get a tab on invoices due and payments made

They can log in to downloaded their contracts and legal documents

Upload documents at a central place

Upload all your supplier related documents like contracts, PO at one place

Set timely reminders for renewals before the expiry of any contracts

Transfer documents to a supplier from this secured environment rather than on emails

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