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Save money with higher asset utilization

Record & track your asset purchase and sales of different locations into a central place. Negotiate better with your vendors and optimize your unutilized assets better

Centralized tracking of Assets

Maintain all the assets purchased or sold on behalf of your company

Forex gain / loss is auto-calculated in case of an international asset purchase or sale

Calculate the profit or loss on each asset sale & auto-update accounting books

Optimize your asset utilization

Know if the asset is being utilized or not in real-time

One-click tracking of asset and employee to whom it has been allotted

Centralized tracking of all unutilized assets that can be relocated

Increase the life of your assets

Assign AMC provider for each asset

Set alerts for a warranty expiration date for the timely renewal

Manage the vendors and record the number od service rounds and cost payable

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Reduce your asset purchase cost

Dashboard to track all existing vendors

Monitor vendor-wise business and negotiate better for future purchase

Facility to record international vendors dealing across multiple countries & currencies

Integrated Asset Purchase Payouts

Link your Bank Account with Xebra for asset purchase payouts

Secured, one-click payment and auto-reconciliation of bank account

All accounting reports are auto-updated and tallied

Supports International vendors

Complete customizationof currency for international vendors

Auto calculation of forex gain / loss on international vendor's payables

Auto-recording of international invoices and payments in accounting reports

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Record Asset Depreciation with ease

Record depreciation details for individual assets

Auto-calculation & recording of depreciation with Written Down Value (WDV) method

Accounting entries are auto-updated with the calculated depreciation

Online doc locker for AMC contracts

Upload all your asset purchase & sales documents at a central place

Set timely reminders for renewals before the expiry of maintenance contracts

Easy to manage and retrieve documents from secured doc locker

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