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Don’t Let The Lockdown Impact Your Business

Don’t let the lockdown impact your business

Don’t let the lockdown impact your business

Software to choose during lockdown

               The author had written this article for Financial Express and it has been reproduced here

Free designing software

1. Designing Canva

Canva is a design and publishing tool that anybody can sign up for free. You can design presentations, infographics, social media posts, websites and even your business cards, amongst other things. It also provides for templates, stock photos and graphics for you to design your requirement. For a beginner in graphic design, this is a handy tool.

Free project management software

2. Project management – Asana

A delightful project management tool. It’s seamless, customizable and extremely intuitive. The free plan allows you to add 15 users and record all the tasks and activities to be done for the project. Very easy to understand and ensures that you don’t miss out on your timelines. You can easily define the workflow to avoid errors and manage your organizational setup.

Free business financial suite

3. Business Financials – Xebra

It is a business financial suite for start ups and SMEs operating in the B2B space. It merges all modules on business intelligence, invoicing, expense recording, asset monitoring, employee payroll, tax calculation, banking and accounting. The highlight is the detailed financial analysis in graphs that are easy to understand even for a non-accounting background entrepreneur. Right from knowing your profitable clients to the services/products that are generating maximum profits. From studying the credit history of each client to calculating company’s risk score, it’s all in here.

free customer support software

4. Customer Support – Freshdesk

It allows you to set up everything customer support-wise that you might need including a knowledgebase of published articles and widgets for enabling live chat directly on your website. You can easily track and manage incoming support tickets from multiple channels with one inbox. It’s a great way to start interacting with customers using your product!

Free Team Collaboration

5. Team Collaboration – Slack

It’s very unlikely that many wouldn’t be aware of slack already. It’s such an easy to use team collaboration software within teams. You can have video calls, message, share files and literary do away with emails between colleagues. There is a free version available with limited features but that’s definitely suitable for smaller companies. There is a centralised storage of all information, chat, calls, documents – thereby taking away all the hassle of a team discussion.

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