Manage your business financials on the go anywhere

Manage your finances on the go

Carry your entire business finance in your pocket. Xebra mobile app ensures that you can track your company’s financials on the go.

Be prepared for client meeting

Check the invoices and payment scenario on the go

Discuss credit cycles with precise details to ensure payments on time

Get alerts for revenue target set for the client

Discuss timely payment of TDS in case of delay from client

Get in-depth picture of your finances

Set data on your cash flow and risk analysis

Carry out sales and expense projection for the year

Real-time visibility on your existing Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet

Unlock Growth with Opportunity Matrix

A quadrant that breaks up your client into sets to identify growth areas

An actionable guide to driving profits from each set of your clients

Re-deploying your resources towords more profitable clients & items

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Plan your spending

Real-time accurate visibility of your company cash flow

Automatically calculates cash runway, so you plan your spending accordingly

Know when your receipts and payments are comming up for the next two months

Forecast revenue and eliminate wasteful spend

Get client, item, vendor and expense wise projections for the current year

Plan better with your team as you get visibility on your revenues and expenses

Machine learning that makes for accurate projections

Monitor and approve expense vouchers

Track your employee's expenses vouchers while traveling

Give approvals and understand the expense breakups

Say goodbye to paper receipts as your file vouchers with the app

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Never miss an alert

Takes timely action on the alerts set on revenues and expenses

Never forgot to wish your stakeholders or their important occasions

Fix upcomming calls and discussion with your teams while checking business numbers

Complete control at your fingertips

Provide or revoke Xebra, access of your team members on the go

collaborate with your account and CA and change their access level

Strong security protocols and passwords to prevent misuse

Team Discussions and Reminders

Analyze each graph with your teammates by tagging them in comments

Set monthly or quarterly alerts for revenues that you are on track to achieving your annual goals

Fix targets for your expenses so that you get mid-year alerts when you cross them

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