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Our Story

In the Beginning

I started my career in FMCG vertical with Britannia and Marico. After eight years, I quit turning an entrepreneur in 2008. I co-founded a social media agency called Windchimes Communications. All those years in corporate life hadn’t entirely prepared me for what lay ahead of me. The most critical one being that of tracking our business financials.

While I have now taken a backseat with Windchimes operationally, there were loads of pain points in the 11 years that I did run it. The two core problems were first; I didn’t know what all metrics I should be monitoring. Secondly, to collate that data would take a lot of time and the accuracy would always be a question mark

And to make matters worse….

We used different software for invoicing, payroll, accounting, GST, TDS etc. None of these were connected, so the data flow was not seamless. It had to be downloaded and uploaded via excel sheets through multiple software, making it cumbersome.  Not to mention that it would take my accountant colleague to work long hours to prepare any financial reports on the business.

So, we eventually sat with down and planned software that would work for us. We made an MVP and tested it for one year for our business. A whole lot of tweaks later, we knew this would work and put together a team of UX, design, and development capabilities. From October 2017 onwards, we began our work on it. Spent the next two years adding spanking new features, intuitive design and sharper analytics that would positively impact the business.

Helping Companies Thrive

Xebra is for agencies operating in the marketing and communication space. We hope that agencies, studios, firms and freelancers around the world profit from it. The business intelligence section will help you identify the risk profile and how you can improve your cash flow and profitability. We aim to not only simplify the entire bookkeeping and accountancy process but also give you real-time analytics for you to take right decisions. Timely decisions. Decisions that your business will profit from.

We would love to hear about your experiences with Xebra and how we can improvise it. Do send in your ideas and suggestions to nimesh(at)

Nimesh Shah


Nimesh Shah


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