Xebra Biz-Financial Suite | Accounts Receivable | Accounts Payable

Faster receipts and payouts within Xebra

Stop logging onto the the bank's website to make expenses and salary payouts. Now accept or pay bulk or part payments within Xebra by integrating your bank account

Integrated Accounts Receivable

Get a complete, comprehensive picture of client-wise receivables

Map our part or bulk receipts with multiple invoices with ease

Automatic calculation of forex gain or loss with international clients

Seamless integration of credit note & part receipts against an invoices

Get payments faster from the client

Add payment button on an invoice by integrating with payment gateway

Secured, one-click payment option for the client

Get detailed analytics on your credit cycle and cash flow status

Integrated Payouts

Link your Bank Account with Xebra for faster payouts

Secured, one-click vendor and salary payouts within Xebra

Make partial or bulk pay-outs to vendors and employees with ease

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Auto-update of receipts and payouts Account Payable

Auto calculation of forex gain / loss on international client's receivables

Set auto payment reminders to clients for invoices past their due dates

One-click calculation od TDS deductions done for vendors


Automatic recording of entries

Sales Receipts and Vendor Payments modules will be updated with a click

Watch your P&L and Balance Sheet get updated automatically for real-time tracking

You can view respective updated ledgers and Trial Balance

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