GST complaint Invoices | E-Invoice | Online Invoice Generator India

Crisp, compliant & customized invoices within 60 seconds

Make GST compliant e-invoices using Xebra. Completely Indian-ised to suit our billing processes with clients, account receivables & importantly TDS & GST compliance

E-invoicing Enabled

Carry out the Government of India mandated e-invoicing for your company

Simple one-click feature to convert your invoice into an e-invoice

Get QR code and IRN number on your invoice

Automated recording of recurring

Make single click recurring invoices for retainer amounts that saves you time

Choose the frequency and time period for recurring invoices

Input the date on which the invoices should be prepared at set frequency

Complete customization of your invoice

Choose from multiple invoice template

Personalise it with your invoice no sequence, logo and other details

Re-deploying your resources towords more profitable clients & items

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Receive money faster

Get faster payment by integrating payment gateway with your invoice

Know who has paid you. And who hasn't

Set auto payment reminders to clients for invoices past their due dates

Supports International clients

Complete customization of currency for international clients

Auto calculations of forex / loss on international client's receivables

Auto-recording of international invoices and receipts in accounting reports

Know your Receivables & Taxes

Seamless automatic recording of receivables against each invoice

Bank reconciliation time brought down from days to minutes

One-click calculation of TDS deductions from client

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Attach expense vouchers with invoices

Easily attach employee expense vouchers with the client's invoice

Dashboard to track the voucher details attached with the invoice

Auto-accounting of expenses vouchersin the books

Know profitable clients and items

Understand your growth in mirco-details to manage cash flow

Track credit cycle client wise and invoice wise for better cash flow scenario

Monitor client-wise revenue and prioritize your resources accordingly

Maintain client relationships

Records all your client detailes centrally along with relevant contracts

Add multiple GST numbers to manage large-scale clients better

Set birthday and anniversary reminders to build client relationships

Customised Self-serve Client Portal

No more multiple resending of invoices to clients

Payments tab that lets them know how much they still owe you

Live account status update for the client on invoices and pending payments

Be better prepared for your client meeting

Mobile app to study your client's revenues, profits and credit period on the go

Know if your business is growing with them over the time-period

Understand which services is generating more revenues from them

Stop email follow-ups

Online doc locker to upload all your client contracts, POs at a central place

Set timely reminders for renewals before the expiry of any contracts

Transfer documents to a client from this secured environment rather than on emails

Client Alerts

Build your annual revenue targets by assigning client-wise targets

Get customised time period wise alerts for each client for timely course corrections

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