Cohorts is a community for founders to discuss & generate business

The journey of entrepreneurship can sometimes be a long and lonely one!

Xebra Cohorts is a platform for entrepreneurs to leverage the power of a group. As today’s world is more about collaboration, use cohorts as a sounding board or connect with agency partners with specialised offering or generate business from the marketplace

Xebra Business Financial Suite – Walk Plan

A comprehensive business financial suite for your agency so you can focus on your core offering. It’s a Free Forever plan. No strings attached

Xebra merges Business Intelligence, Sales Invoicing, Expense Recording, Asset Tracking, Accounts Receivable & Payable, Payroll, Tax Calculation & Automated Accounting

Showcase Profile

Create your profile page and showcase your services, case studies and awards

Show your presence across cities and any events or deals that you are offering


Create your business page and showcase your services

Showcase your case studies to generate more leads


Join your industry cohort and discuss the nuances about your sector

Shares your success and more importantly failures for all to learn


Know the seminars and conferences happening in our field

Network with mentors and industry veterans

Business Community Network Module

Connect your business with that of your clients and vendors

Convert your vendor’s invoices into expenses with a click


Stories of individuals that inspire us

Watch innovative products & processes that solve real, tangible problems


Understand the financial terms to interpret your business better

Evaluate the various ratios and how your business fares

MSME and Start-up founders who have already partnered with us

Frequently Asked Questions

Xebra cohorts is a community for founders. It allows them to learn & interact with each other, get access to their category events and deals. It’s also a place where you can share learnings and demonstrate thought leadership

Yes, you can network in the marketplace module and generate more business for your firm

Xebra and Xebra Cohorts are two independent programs. You don’t have to subscribe to Xebra’s paid plans to be a part of Xebra Cohorts program

You can manage your profile by clicking on the profile dropdown on top right corner of the page

Yes, you can add your event details that fellow members can see. However, you can send any personalised invites to them. They can choose to attend if they so like

No. These deals are made available to all the members of Cohorts.

Yes. You need to fill in the details of the deals correctly and generate more business by offering it to fellow members

Referral program is a feature where by you are rewarded with money if you refer Xebra software in your network and they subscribe to our paid plans. Anyone can participate in it.

A unique referral code will be generated for you when you sign up. You need to add this referral code when you subscribe to Xebra’s paid plans on behalf of your clients. In case the client is subscribing on their own, then they will need to enter it. Once the plan goes live, you will be able to track that entry in your referral page. That will display the total amount that you have earned that month from referral.

Yes. We have ensured that this program doesn’t bind you in any manner