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Smart employee management modules for your business

Xebra's integrates and simplifies all critical HR modules of appraisal, leave, Notice board, announcements, policies into one

Integrated employee appraisal

Set reminder, so you don't miss out or delay on an appraisal

Record appraisals for each employee

Seamless, automatic integration of revised details with employee master

Increase employee retention

Easily track the avearage retention period of your employees

Set reminders for their birthdays and anniversaries

Set appropriate training sessions with integrated appraisal module

Customise your company leave policy

Provides consolidated picture of leaves taken so you can set employee-friendly leave policy

Makes it easy for the team to file and record their leaves

Auto-calculates employee-wise monthly salary basis the leaves taken

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Streamlined expense vouchers process

Customise expense voucher approval process as per your organization rules

Employee expense vouchers can be attached directly with the client's invoice

Record & pay expense vouchers foreign located employees

Self-service employee portal

Employees can log in and make and view their expense vouchers

View and download salary slips & monitor monthly TDS deducated

Unified notice board to view policies, holidays, events and announcements

Make employee-friendly policies

Easily record company-wise or location-wise policies

Centralized stored so all employees from any locations can access it

Access only to Admin and HR for enhanced security

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Central Annual Holidays Calender

Set out the annual holiday calender for your company

Customize it to each department or location

Employees can export or email the calender with one-click

Employee Announcement

Acts as an online employee notice board to company announcements

Customize it to each deaprtment or location

Organise company Events

Company-wisd or location-specific information on events

Customize it to each location

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