Transfer your business data from current software to Xebra with ease

Transfer financial data to Xebra. Hassle-free.

With Xebra, you can transfer, setup and customize your financial data and profile in minutes.

Transfer your data with ease

Import your client and vendor master, item and expenses master from your current software to Xebra in minutes

Breezy Setup

Simply sign up and create your company and personal profile with your details and you are good to start

Customize to your requirement

Customize your invoice with templates, company logo, brand color, font, content and header and footer.

Give multi-tier access to all the profiles you create.

Add your company’s multiple GSTIN and view finances as per individual GST no or as an entire companay.

Fine-tune as per your company processes

Select financial year, different currencies, date and time format.

Templatise each email copy for sales, purchases, expenses and employees.

Customize alerts and red flags for revenue and expense targets throughout the year.

Select from multiple currencies for your international clients and vendors.

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